Ibaohiem Helps People of Vietnam Obtain the Insurance Package They Need

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của Đại sứ quán và Lãnh sự quán Hoa Kỳ tại Việt Nam.

Ibaohiem Helps People of Vietnam Obtain the Insurance Package They Need

The company’s recently launched website will help customers find the highest-quality insurance packages at affordable prices.


In today’s society, everyone has access to the internet with the help of various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The internet has already changed many industries. People are no longer required to be physically present in a place to purchase a product or a service package. One industry that had to adjust to these changes, is the insurance industry. More and more people are willing to buy insurance online.
Ibaohiem is an online insurance provider specialized in providing the best insurance solutions to its customers. They offer professional pieces of advice, and they are committed to fairly reimburse their customers that have valid insurance policies.
Customers of Ibaohiem can save time and money when purchasing insurance from them. Policyholders can find all the information they need on their website or they can request it via email or Zalo. Ibaohiem provides and supports home-delivery insurance across the country in many forms such as cash on delivery, courier, COD, bank transfer, money order, swipe card.
The team behind Ibaohiem comprises enthusiastic counselors with high professional qualifications that are always ready to support their customers. In order to better understand the customers, Ibaohiem consultants always put themselves in the position of customers. Policyholders and potential customers can contact them on various channels including phone, email, Zalo, or Viber.
Life Insurance
Ibaohiem’s life insurance package is considered a financial solution that is not only a disciplined form of saving but also an effective investment. Life insurance not only protects the future of the insurance buyer with a specific and valuable financial source, but it also offers the buyer a sold mental support. Customers of Ibaohiem can purchase different packages from traditional life insurance packages to common life insurance policies.
Health Insurance
At Ibaohiem, they consider that health is the most valuable asset of human. For this reason, they are offering a health insurance premium pack that is available to most people living in Vietnam. Customers are not required to undergo a medical examination before registering and they can choose the medical facility where they will be treated. Policyholders can enjoy various benefits like inpatient and outpatient insurance due to illness/accident, maternity complications, personal accident insurance benefits, insurance life insurance, dental insurance benefits, maternity insurance. Furthermore, Ibaohiem offers different health insurance packages such as Bao Viet Intercare, health insurance for organizations and businesses, Aon Care health insurance, insurance for children, Bao Viet Aetna, Bao Viet Kcare, and Vietinbank health insurance. Check more here https://ibaohiem.vn/bao-viet-nhan-tho/
Auto insurance
Ibaohiem is offering different types of car insurance policies like compulsory government insurance, body insurance, and voluntary two-way insurance. Two-way insurance can cover a car in case of accidental collision, fire, explosion, subversion, damage, or theft. Body car insurance is an auto-body insurance cover that is used to compensate for damage caused by external impacts on the body (shell, glass, mirror, etc.). A car insurance contract can contain documents such as contract, insurance certificate, insurance claim form, insurance rules, bill, and receipt.
Travel Insurance
At Ibaohiem, customers can find different types of travel insurance that can help them travel across Asia and Europe when traveling abroad and be fully protected. People can select an insurance package such as travel insurance, insurance for studying abroad, insurance for foreign companies, home visit insurance, and labor export insurance.
Accident Insurance
Ibaohiem’s accident insurance is an insurance product that covers the risk of death or accidental injury. They accept this type of insurance from all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners working and studying in Vietnam from 15 days to the maximum of 70 years old. In life, accidents are unavoidable and the best way for Vietnamese to protect themselves and their families is by buying accident insurance.
When buying insurance from Ibaohiem, customers are ensured by the quality and service of their products. Ibaohiem is one of the leading insurance groups in the country and they have constantly grown and launched many insurance products.
For more info about the company’s services, visit https://ibaohiem.vn/
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