U.S. Mission to Vietnam’s Small Grants Program to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Normalization of U.S.-Vietnam Relations

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của U.S. Embassy at Hanoi

June 30, 2014

The U.S. Mission to Vietnam is pleased to announce the launch of a Small Grants Program to celebrate 20 years of diplomatic relations (1995-2015) between the United States of America and Vietnam.

This competitive program offers grants of up to $10,000 to Vietnamese non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals to conduct programs and activities in conjunction with the U.S. Mission to Vietnam in Vietnam’s provinces to be completed in 2015 to mark the 20th anniversary of the normalization of U.S.-Vietnam relations. Proposals (in English) are due by July 31, 2014. Final selections are expected to be announced by August 31, 2014.

Application guidelines:

Proposals can be submitted for up to $10,000 (or more in exceptional cases) and must be completed in 2015. Priority will be given to projects in Vietnam’s outlying and underserved provinces, to be completed during 2015.

Grants may be made to non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit organizations based in Vietnam, and individuals who demonstrate long-term commitment to helping Vietnam reach its fullest potential. Third-country individuals and organizations are not eligible.

With key target audiences being underserved groups, priority will be given to program activities that (not in any particular order) advance good governance, transparency, human rights and rule of law; develop civil society and promote capacity building among civil society groups; foster the exchange of information and building of a professional media, including new media; protect the environment and natural resources; support sustainable urban planning for expanding communities; encourage responsible and transparent conflict resolution; promote understanding of the United States, promote access and opportunities for disadvantaged groups; and advocate for the rights for ethnic minorities, women, and girls. Special consideration will be given to projects to be conducted in outlying, underserved provinces.

Proposals must include a description of how the grant will be monitored and evaluated. Grants will not normally be approved for projects that have been previously funded by the U.S. Government, but past recipients of the U.S. Mission’s Small Grants will be considered for new projects.

Grants may not be used for partisan political activity. Proposals for non-partisan election education and public information activities, however, are eligible for consideration.

Proposals may include modest administrative expenses, including honoraria/partial salaries of grant implementers, but only when they are directly linked to the conduct of the specific grant program. General operating expenses, long-term infrastructure costs and undefined miscellaneous or “overhead” expenses are not acceptable. High costs to produce materials are also not a good use of the small grants program.

Grant funds may not be used to fund travel to international conferences, nor may they be used primarily for food and drink expenses.

Grant funds may be used to train trainers, but they may not be used to provide direct social services.

Grant funds may be used for seminars and workshops, but the proposals must describe the expected audience, content, and timeframe and justify the activity in terms of outcome and benefits to U.S. national interests.

Grant funds may be used for the publication of materials, but the proposals must describe the audience, content and means of distribution.

Please submit online (in English) at http://goo.gl/ClRXib by 17:00, July 31, 2014. Final selections are expected to be announced by August 31, 2014.

For further inquiries, please contact us at pas.culture@gmail.com or 84-4-3850-5000 (ext. 6152).








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