U.S. Secretary’s John Kerry Remarks with Acting Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son Before Their Meeting

SOURCE: U.S. Department of State

Theo tin Bộ Ngoại giao Hoa Kỳ

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Hanoi, Vietnam
January 13, 2017

SECRETARY KERRY: Mr. Deputy Minister, thank you very much. It’s a privilege (inaudible) to be able to share some thoughts with you today. And I’m delighted to be back in Vietnam where we are developing still the growing relationship between our countries. There have been a lot of steps forward. There are still some challenges, as you know. And the question that was asked a moment ago raises one of those challenges and we will have a conversation about that, I’m sure.

But, increasingly, the United States and Vietnam are becoming partners on a number of areas, particularly on security, but also we were working very diligently to move our trade relationship to a better place. I know that Vietnam will host the APEC conference, of course, this year. And I know the United States, the new administration, I am confident will be supportive of that initiative.

I do think that there are some remaining significant issues that we need to work on. I will look forward to being in the Mekong Delta where we are working on the Delta Initiative to deal with the question of climate change and the challenges to the delta environment.

And also, I want to emphasize our appreciation for the initiation of the Fulbright University Initiative. This is a very exciting initiative between our countries. It represents the best way to open up opportunity, to provide for the strengthening of the relationship, as people understand each other better. And I think knowledge is the key for young people in today’s competitive world. So we’re very excited about the steps we’re taking together, and I look forward to discussing that with you. Thank you.








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