VietnamsVisa Now Offers Worldwide Travelers a Special Visa-on-Arrival Package Without the Usual Embassy Hassles

Today, it’s been observed that many immigrants travel to Vietnam for vacation, tourism or business purposes. With a view to providing first-class traveling services to clients, VietnamsVisa, a leading government-approved visa agency, now helps worldwide travelers to obtain a Visa-on-Arrival package without the usual embassy hassles.

Hanoi (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

As far as traveling to Vietnam is concerned today, tourists and business persons can easily apply for a visa online and bypass the long procedures it would have taken to get it at their local embassies. As a major leader in Vietnam's travel and tours industry, VietnamsVisa now offers a first-class services to worldwide travelers through the issue of a Visa-on-Arrival package that bypasses the usual embassy hassles.

Inarguably, VietnamsVisa is a government-approved travel and tours agency that has a proven track record in providing immigrants from various parts of the world with an easy-to-use visa application platform via its online portal at Today, the agency offers Visa-on-Arrival package for clients who would like to arrive on the shore of Vietnam before they pick up their visa.

According to the Managing Director of VietnamsVisa, Vietnam is still the only sovereign state that allows travelers to migrate into the country without necessarily having a visa at hand. "It takes some strict procedures to get a Vietnam visa at a local embassy, but with the introduction of the new program being referred to as Visa-on-Arrival, a typical traveler only needs to obtain an official letter that states the approval of his or her visa which would then be issued to him or her on arrival at any of the three Vietnam international airports. It is at the entry point that the traveler's passport would be duly stamped," he states.

In a recent interview with the Managing Director of VietnamsVisa, it's reported that this latest development has really simplified visa application procedures. He confirms, saying, "Once an interested traveler fills in the online application form and pays the small processing fee, he or she would receive a visa approval letter in 2 business days, thus making the process quite faster than the traditional way of visiting a local embassy. Nonetheless, this offer is for air travel only."

While speaking on the visa package, the Managing Director reveals that it is available to all the countries of the world, and these include the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, China, Germany. "Definitely, this is a great opportunity for tourists, business persons and vacationists to visit Vietnam without any hassle in the area of visa processing," he adds. It's been confirmed as well that if the Vietnam Immigration Authorities decline an application, the processing fee would be refunded to the affected party.

For more information on the Visa-on-Arrival package being offered at the official website of VietnamsVisa, visit or call +84-1699-161-166.







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