Seoul TouchUp Represents South Korea’s Medical & Beauty Tourism at Hanoi’s Landmark 72 in Vietnam

One hundred and twenty travel companies had attended the event and plastic surgery enthusiasts were welcomed to free consultations and gifts.

Seoul, South Korea (PRWEB UK) 30 November 2013

Seoul TouchUp now represents South Korea's Medical and Beauty Tourism in Vietnam; between the 27th to 30th November, together with the South Korean government, they were at Landmark 72 — situated in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. According to the Korea Tourism Organization, the medical tourism industry in South Korea had reached a total of $453 million in 2012. It is evident that the South Korean medical tourism industry is bustling with activity. As a result, a further 20,000 jobs may be added in the next four years to come – the number is said to be a rough approximate coming from the government.

In the Gangnam district alone, there is an abundance of clinics to choose from and befuddled medical tourists are left to navigate their way through this foreign environment. Tourists are also left to their own devices on figuring out what constitutes as a fair price for the procedures themselves. Fortunately, medical tourists are able to inform themselves beforehand; over at Landmark 72, together with eager plastic surgery enthusiasts, more than 120 travel companies had attended the event where free consultations and gifts were offered.

Among others, Korean eye surgery is one of the most highly sought after kinds of cosmetic surgery; double eyelid surgery and Korean rhinoplasty are one of the most commonly performed procedures in Korea. Fortunately, there are services offered by Seoul TouchUp such as face-to-face consultations and a table on their website that provides travelers with up-to-date information on surgery costs.

The soaring reputation of Korean cosmetic surgery may perhaps owe its dues to Korean pop singer, Psy for the world-wide popularity of his Gangnam Style music video – having gained more than 1.8 billion views on YouTube thus far. The entirety of Korean entertainment could be said to have bolstered the popularity of Korean cosmetic surgery; from K-POP to Korean dramas, these are widely enjoyed by Asians in neighboring countries who are also, many a plastic surgery enthusiast.

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